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Here, there and other dislocations

Layered on-line maps for Mappamundi at the Museu Colecção Berardo (Lisbon, January 2011). Also on display: The Dress of Jeanne Terwen-de Loos and The Dress of Here, There and Other Dislocations.

On Gaps and Silent Documents

9-14 February 2010
De Geuzen participates in Artefact Festival, Leuven (Belgium) with a new version of the Global Anxiety Monitor

Feed to be Fed: an evening of image and slogan mixing

Rotterdam / July 09 2009

FEED: is a multi-authored collection produced on the fly. You can see the archive here.


Made during the prelude to the US election, the predictions are no longer applicable. But these searches do prove that history is continually re-invented in the present.

Geuzen Parallel

Parallel practices that feed into Geuzen’s collaborative thinking:


there!Weblog edited by inhabitants of Het Oranjekwartier in Deventer. wezenlandpark.nl


Check out our Female Icons Playlists

Democracy: Do Not Clean!

Democracy CarpetGiven today’s political climate we’ve decided to exhume this classic project.

Homage to the Unknown Woman

paintingsAn installation of thirteen portraits of unknown women, at the Tongerlohuys in Roosendaal

Mobile Digitales

A transportable hardware / software unit incorporating both digital and analog know-how. Playing with the carnivalesque, it is meant to provoke discussions about women and technology.

Research Accessories

So you want to research something but don’t know where to begin. Start with our exclusively designed set of Research Accessories…

Geuzen D.I.Y.

Vintage Geuzen DIY goodies dating from 1999 to 2003.
Check it out! It’s a wicked mix of digital and analog activities. Go ahead, you’re just one click away from unleashing all your handicraft fantasies!


Parole # 2: Phonetic Skin / Phonetische Haut

Edited by Annette Stahmer. Inserts and extras including Wearable Resistance by De Geuzen. Order here.

The Tailored Alphabet

Workshop with students from the typography masters at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel (DE)

Celebrate With A Little Wearable Resistance @ StudioXX

Art’s Birthday is an annual event first proposed by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. Read more…

Rhizome Review: The New Transparent - Image Tracer @ Gasworks (2008)

“The argument that things should be left open to improvement, and even personalization, by those with the know-how appeals to many of us. But where did the broader drive for “openness” come from? “  Read more of Marisa Olsen on Rhizome

Formatting Utopia

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As a part of Formatting Utopia, a workshop and symposium at Paul Otlet’s Mundaneum, De Geuzen presented The Global Anxiety Monitor and the Tracer, a project made in collaboration with Tsila Hassine. View the documentation here.
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Living Room Lectures

The Living Room Lectures take advantage of streaming media, irc, the world wide web plus all the comforts of home.

Wanted: Impersonators

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WANTED: Your impersonation of a female icon

Brains Not Bombs

Resurrected from our archives: Soft Hats for a Hard World

Historiography Tracer

DisplayThis project explores how media images and their meanings fluctuate in the ecology of the world wide web.

Unravelling Histories

A two-fold project looking at related Dutch colonial narratives with the intention of tracking their traces and resonance in the present.
unravelling-histories.org on-line database with Michael Murtaugh

De Geuzen Paperdolls

Mix, match, reload and start all over again. Enjoy hours of fun dressing and accessorizing De Geuzen’s unique set of paper dolls.

The Lining of forgetting

LijnjurkjeDigitized version of a unique pattern. Contribution to Jonctions / Verbindingen 7

A Seance with Guy Debord

As the topic of terrorism dominates the media, it is important to have a direct and frank conversation with the man himself.

Netherlands Media Art Institute closes

A sad time for media arts practices and history – from Laurie Anderson’s classic, “At the Shrink’s: a fake hologram” (1977) to the more recent net art collection of which The Anxiety Monitor was a part of. This chapter in our rich history closes by the end of 2012. What a resource lost, another casualty of short sighted governmental policies.

Read more

Patterns and Projections

Workshop in the context of Open Code vs. Military Culture / Israel Digital Artlab Holon (November 2010)

Wearable Resistance // Typographical Craftivism

Read more about our adventures with electricity, LED’s, typography and skill sharing.

Review: Female Icons by Marisa Plumb for Furtherfield

“To me this project shows that thinking about appearance through networked definitions is more empowering than defining ourselves through the gaze that is upon us.”

Mixed Sources


A cocktail of on-line, semi-offline and offline experiments as part of the Host project @ PZI.

Onbekende Bekenden

leeszaal.jpgDe Leeszaal featured on Amsterdam local tv in an item about Kunst Langs de Lijn (in Dutch).

Review: All Fired Up

littlebigmaryplate.jpg Catriona Black’s review of Female Icons, Aberdeen.
The Sunday Herald + artandphilosophy.com (February 2007)

Hybrid Space

Cover Open: Hybrid Space
Open: Hybrid Space with a Geuzen contribution on Mobile Work / Travail Mobile.

Reading, Writing, Research: Chatting Is Not Just for the Idle!

Contribution to Reflections on Creativity (University of Dundee, April 2006) Download the PDF Document

Textiles and pixels at work:

Exploring the relation between pixels, warp and weave.

Fripperies and Trimmings

In a society of hard-line polemics, flexible solidarity is the only solution…

Contaminating spaces

stickerTalk given at the symposium Curating New Media Art, Brussels, 2005. Read text »

Looping the hoep

A virtual tour through Amstelland, an agricultural and recreational area just south of Amsterdam.


fuckable feminist T-shirtOrder your favourite Dutch geuzennaam T-shirt from our on-line catalogue.

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De Geuzen @ STUK
Leuven (B)
04/05 - 06/06 2010


Performed @ The Network as a Space and Medium for Collaborative Interdisciplinary Art Practice (Bergen, Norway) View archived project.

Tracer Sketch

In preparation for Formatting Utopia, De Geuzen embarked on an off-shoot of the Image Tracer.  Using both search and sound, here is a video of our first sketch.


A three month workshop with students from the MA Media Design at PZI which explored streaming broadcasts and online hospitality. Project wiki is here.

Geuzen @ DesignCamp

hoop.JPGIn the summer of 2007 De Geuzen gave a workshop in Minneapolis:
12 teenagers were asked to re-design their school uniforms.

The Reading Salon

A public art project delivered on your mobile phone

Global Anxiety Monitor Live

The Global Anxiety Monitor performed live by Vitali Rozynko, Shy Shavit, Oliver Meskawi, Marc Pantus, Radwa Rafaat, Anat Stainberg and De Geuzen
snapshots / video

My Paper Dress

Mein Paper DressSimon Mullen made himself a stunning outfit based on the De Geuzen D.I.Y. Paper Dress.

Else/Where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories

This publication features our project Unravelling Histories and can be purchased at most bookstores. To order it directly from the Design Institute or read more go here

Solidarity as Ornament / Language as Allegiance

Workshop as a part of Digitales an annual event operating at the intersection of digital technology and feminism.

The Body as Billboard

femme a poigneWorkshop held at La Cambre Art Academy Textile Department.

De Geuzen Uniforms

Riek in pink dressA collection of handmade garments, circumscribing female identity with its multiple guises and disguises.

De Geuzen Mobile Office

Mobile officeSpace is a practiced place but it is not necessarily housed at a fixed address.