Internet Art

Internet Art coverBy Rachel Greene, featured work: Unravelling Histories and De Geuzen DIY
ISBN: 0500203768

Tribu Dell’arte: Galleria Comunale D’Arte Moderna E Contemporanea

Tribu del'arte coverFeatured work: Democracy Doormat, 2001
ISBN: 8881189569

A Cut and Paste Conversation

Renee Turner in conversation with Jason Bowman (Variant, 1999). Read interview »

Interview with Nat Muller

“We’ve often talked about multi-visual research as the equivalent of there’s more than one way to skin a cat or there are many roads to Rome. And that pretty much encompasses our approach” (Rhizome 2003). Download PDF »

Reading, Writing, Research: Chatting Is Not Just for the Idle!

Contribution to Reflections on Creativity (University of Dundee, April 2006) Download the PDF Document

Else/Where: Mapping New Cartographies of Networks and Territories

This publication features our project Unravelling Histories and can be purchased at most bookstores. To order it directly from the Design Institute or read more go here

Historiography Tracer

DisplayThis project explores how media images and their meanings fluctuate in the ecology of the world wide web.

Contaminating spaces

stickerTalk given at the symposium Curating New Media Art at Argos, Brussels, 2005. Read text »