For the Next 5 Minutes 4, De Geuzen organized a swap meet where tactical traditions and the politics they represent were featured, exchanged and generally talked about. By tactical traditions we mean buttons, flyers, T-shirts, pie throwing, stencils, stickers and various other analog media.

For the event we designed around 25 blankets that operated as a tactical interface. Made to be viewed vertically as a banner, or horizontally as a surface, or from above as a shelter, our blankets were a kind of nomadic, carry-all, platform for attending participants. For tips and tricks on how to use the blankets click here


Selling out Brazil...

For the first days of the conference the blankets circulated both inside and outside various venues of the Next 5 Minutes. Owners quite literally unfolded them and squatted or occupied any space they saw fit to air their wares and promote their cause.

In preparation for the Swap Meet we had set-up this weblog for people to get to know each other and exchange ideas, resources, and know-how in advance of the event.


Promoting the documentary Hippies from Hell